TouchMATRIX display A350-28

The A350-28 display is a multifunctional device with operating modes such as tachometer, counter, cycle time display, position display, timer for runtimes or stopwatch.

  • Universal inputs (HTL / RS422) for encoders / sensors with NPN / PNP / NAMUR switching characteristics
  • Bright, high-contrast display with results-based colour options
  • Emulation of a 7-segment display with symbols and units
  • Intuitive and simple parameterisation using plain text and touchscreen
  • Auxiliary voltage output 5 / 24 VDC for encoder supply
  • Input frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Linearisation with 24 support points
  • Numerous functions such as scaling, filter, startup bridging
  • Standard installation housing with 96 x 48 mm and protection rating IP65